Sharing or Transferring Large Files

Do you need to transfer a large file? Clients often need to send us a big file (ie- QuickBooks backup file) but are limited by file size restrictions for email attachments. Here are some ways that you can send large files for free.


Whether it is scanned documents into tif or pdf formats, or a backup of your accounting data, it is fairly easy to have files of 50MB or more that you need to send to someone (like your CPA). You can always put these files on a thumb drive and drop them by our office, but that is often not convenient or timely.

How do you transfer these large files over the internet when attachment size restrictions prevent you from emailing them?

There are many service solutions available now, both free and fee based.  They vary is size limitations, and most offer storage options. Usually there is a free option to the fee based systems as long as your files are under a certain size.

Although there are many, here are a couple we have used: ( ) – This service is designed specifically for transferring files, Free for file sizes of up to 100mb. We have used this service with clients for several years because it is simple to use. You can drag the file to the transfer box, add the recipient’s email address, and optionally add messages and/or password. The recipient then gets an email notifying them that the file is available for downloading. Easy. Secure. I like it!

Dropbox ( ) is more than just file transfer and storage. It also provides file synchronization.  I have used this service for projects I’m working on because I can retrieve the file from either my desktop computer, my laptop computer, or even my tablet. It takes a little more to set up since you have to install software on your computer (or device), but for files that are going back and forth all the time, it is a great solution.

Transfer vs. Storage

I’m often asked about these types of services because a client wants to send me a file, and so most of my discussions have been transfer related. I do want to emphasize the value in the storage benefits of these services. Your important data should be backed up on a regular basis, and you need to have at least one of your back-ups located at an off-site location. The storage features of these services is a great way to achieve this.

Bigger and Better!?!

In just the last few years, there have been several new services that provide file transfer and storage options, offering larger file size and storage size limits, and also better tools for your protection and convenience. Note that some of the “free” offers are only for a trial time period, so it isn’t really free. Having said that, if you find a service that fits your needs and it will be something that you use often, paying for the service may be a great value.

While the quick growth in the number of service providers is providing some competition with low prices and innovative services, you need to be aware that not all these new ventures are successful. I have noticed a couple of services that I had once checked out are no longer available. Chances are, their customers were absorbed by a purchasing provider and their services were not interrupted, but you should consider this aspect when you choose.

With that in mind, I’ve included the BIG established providers in the list below (Amazon, Google and Microsoft). This is a partial list. There are many more out there, but this will give you an idea to begin your search and analysis.

List of on-line file transfer and storage service providers (listed alphabetically):


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