Dave Ramsey… a Lesson in Motivating Others.


I was given a ticket to the Dave Ramsey “The Legacy Journey” event Thursday evening in Boise (thank you Zach!) and enjoyed the evening.  I’ve attended a local “Financial Peace University” series and can attest that the personal financial principles that Dave teaches are sound.

But, there is more to Dave Ramsey than “what” he teaches… a lot more.

Dave Ramsey’s approach is what resonates with many people. For most, they are hearing what they already know to be true because Dave shares common sense principles.

But, the fact that we know what we should be doing doesn’t equate with us doing it. I believe Dave’s long-term success as a personal financial speaker and author is in his ability to motivate — he gets people to move from “knowing” to “doing”.

Anyone who coaches others, whether as a business coach or a little league baseball coach, knows that motivating someone to develop new long-term habits is difficult.

A few observations why I believe Dave Ramsey is effective as a motivating author and speaker:

  • Knowledge – His knowledge in the area is extensive, so much so, that he can speak it clearly and simply to those who have no or very little knowledge. We can trust that his financial strategies are sound.
  • Compassion – Dave’s own past generates an empathy for others who are struggling financially. He can share the path to financial peace because he has walked it himself. With confidence, and a genuine humility, Dave can share a message of hope that is believable.
  • Passion – Dave has a message to share, and has a passion to help those who need to hear it. He gets excited about it because it knows that lives can be changed. Even more importantly, I believe his passion is for the people who need financial help, not just for the message. If he can get people to listen, and then to act, Dave knows that their lives will never be the same.

While I don’t agree with everything Dave Ramsey teaches, I am still very quick to recommend his materials and programs to others.




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