Your vision is our mission!

We understand that no two individuals, or businesses, are the same. We desire to know your goals, and help you attain them.

Accounting NorthWest, PA can bring a wealth of expertise and specialized knowledge, providing valuable insights and strategic financial advice. Whether it's optimizing tax strategies, budgeting, or financial planning, we can offer tailored solutions that align with the specific needs and goals of a business or individual. This proactive approach to building relationships with our clients can contribute significantly to long-term success and sustainability.

In addition, engaging our firm can help businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of tax laws and regulations, identifying opportunities for tax savings, ensuring compliance, and helping mitigate the risk of costly penalties. This not only saves time and resources but also provides peace of mind, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Owner & Founder

Introducing Rick Howard, a licensed CPA and CMA practicing accounting in Idaho and Oregon. A graduate of the University of Idaho with degrees in Accounting and Economics, Rick has accumulated over four decades of experience in both public and private accounting since 1981.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rick has demonstrated leadership in various roles, honing his ability to identify potential and opportunities. His adeptness in collaborating with others has proven instrumental in achieving shared goals.

Family-oriented, Rick and his wife Gayle are proud parents of four grown children and doting grandparents to nine grandchildren.

Knowledge & Experience...

Rick is able to work well with top management on critical and sensitive issues.  He has a wide range of knowledge and experience.  He is able to offer several alternative solutions to different problems, and is able to implement them quickly and efficiently.

Caring Customer Service...

Please consider this letter as our heartfelt thanks and warmest regards for the quality work you do. The quality is surpassed only by the high level of caring customer service that we have ALWAYS enjoyed working with the Accounting NorthWest team.

Functional Vision...

He [Rick] has consistently demonstrated not only exceptional accounting and consulting expertise as it relates to business, but also a distinct functional vision and insightful problem control ability.  Time after time, Rick has successfully blended his technical proficiency together with a practical, cost beneficial approach to arrive at workable solutions to a myriad of business problems.

Knowledgeable & Responsive...

Rick has been our CPA for many years, and we have come to really depend on him! His thoroughness - from his year-end check lists for tax strategies - to his work sheets for tax year preparation - have really benefited us! Rick is available for questions and clarifications during the year, and is very knowledgeable and responsive! By contributing many volunteer hours, he is helping improve the whole community that we live in!

Ability to Assess...

Rick has an innate ability to assess problem situations and systematically resolve them.  I would highly recommend Rick to any business that is searching for accounting and/or effective management methods and practices.

Efficient & Diligent...

Thank you VERY much for such efficient and diligent work! We appreciate it very much.”

Excellent Advice...

Thank you for your help...  I know sometimes issues of this nature can be a real challenge for professionals. Your advice was excellent, your willingness to get involved refreshing and your concern for my well-being uplifting.

Taught Us A Lot...

Thank you for all the hard work and time...  You have taught us a lot about the tax world.  I'm glad we found you.

Tax, Accounting & Consulting Services

Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual and business, we are committed to understanding your specific personal and business objectives to help you achieve them. Our approach is centered around serving both businesses and the visionary entrepreneurs behind them. We understand that the goals of the business and the individual are inherently linked. Balancing aspirations for business success, strong family relationships, retirement planning, and community engagement is crucial.

Our commitment lies in acknowledging the interconnected nature of our clients' interests. We recognize that goals are multifaceted, extending beyond mere financial metrics. With our tailored services and coaching, we strive to optimize financial strategies that seamlessly integrate these diverse elements. Our ultimate aim is to foster a holistic approach to financial success, ensuring that your business and personal aspirations are not only met but harmonized for a more comprehensive and fulfilling financial journey.

A summarized list of tax, accounting and consulting services provided include:

  • Tax Preparation & Planning
  • Accounting System Consulting
  • Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis
  • Business Strategic Planning
  • Business & Executive Coaching
  • CFO & Controller Services