Year-End Tax Planning Checklist for Payroll and 1099 Reporting

√   Be sure your payroll amounts agree on all reports (Federal and State) BEFORE you send them in.  If the amounts do not agree, you will be notified and will have to correct the situation (which takes much longer than doing it right the first time).  We have a reconciling worksheet available to help you with this step.

√   Correctly report benefit amounts on W-2s. While most types of employee benefits are reported on form W2 without increasing wages, there are some benefits that should increase the wages reported in box 1. Examples include the personal usage of a company owned vehicle and company paid health insurance for S-Corp owners (2% or more).

√   Remember to file Form 1099’s.

Form 1099-NEC – Beginning with the tax year 2020, businesses are required to file Form 1099-NEC reporting payments for services of $600 or more to non-employees (replacing Form 1099-MISC, box 7 in prior years). This filing is due January 31, 2023.

Form 1099-MISC – Miscellaneous income is still reported on Form 1099-MISC.

    • Box 1 = Rents of $600 or more,
    • Box 2 = Royalties of $10 or more,
    • Box 3 = Other Income of $600 or more

Other Form 1099’s may be necessary. Here are a few of the more common ones for your consideration.

Form 1099-DIV – Dividends & Distributions of $10 or more

Form 1099-INT – Interest Income of $10 or more

Form 1099-C – Cancellation of Debt of $600 or more

√   If you need help preparing payroll reports, W2s and/or Form 1099’s, please let us know in early January.


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