The following provides a brief description of some of the accounting, consulting & tax services we provide. If you would like additional information on any of these services, please call so that we can discuss them more fully and how your business may benefit from them.

Computerized tax preparation and planning: We invest in the best tax software and computer systems on the market, continuing education and research libraries in order to ensure that we have the resources available to do the job right. In addition, we include checklists and proofing procedures on each tax return. We know that it is important to understand both your individual and business goals in the tax planning process. We provide tax preparation and plannings services for:

  • Individuals
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Partnerships
  • S-Corporations
  • C-Corporations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Private Foundations
  • Trusts & Other Fiduciaries
  • Estates

Computerized bookkeeping and payroll generation: We can do your bookkeeping either at our office or at your place of business. We work with you to determine your bookkeeping needs, and develop the bookkeeping system around your goals (not our convenience). The system is set up so that when you are ready to do your own bookkeeping, it can be efficiently transferred from our system to yours. As a result, your bookkeeping fees are also an investment in the future of your business system.

Computer account systems installation and training (including cost accounting): We have experience with many computerized accounting systems, and know how to make them work to fit your business. By integrating computer technology into your business’s daily operations, we can create a system that will provide useful information to you on a timely basis so that decisions can be made more effectively (and profitably). Emphasis is placed on consistency and ease of understanding (which can include graphic analysis), and on better utilization of your limited time.

Financial statement preparation and analysis (including graphic and ratio analysis): Your financial statements present important information about your business. In addition to presenting this information in a professional format, we can help you analyze and understand what the financial information is communicating. This will help you in running your business and in working with others who read and analyzed your financial statements (i.e. Bankers).

Budgeting, projections and business planning: Business planning is important to a business’s success. As one key executive stated, “Lack of a plan is a plan to fail.” Business plans provide a map of how you can achieve your goals. We have computer models and extensive experience to assist in the planning process. We can also help you use it effectively by assisting in integrating the plan into your operations and periodically reviewing it.

Business & Management Consulting on Special Projects: Whether you are considering a new expansion, obtaining major financing or wanting to sell your business, it is often invaluable to have a financial expert work with you through the process. Our experience and perspectives can give you additional insights and ideas, and we have the resources to perform the analysis and put a professional presentation together. We can help you take on that additional project and see it through.

CFO / Controller Services: A Controller is generally an internal accountant who provides accounting functions beyond bookkeeping tasks. If your business has been growing, along with the complexity of your accounting, you may need a Controller. But, can you really afford a full-time Controller? A full-time controller can be very expensive. You may only need a Controller on a part-time basis. Whether you need Controller services four hours each month or two days a week, we can formulate a plan that will best fit your business needs. We have the experience, credentials and ability to address the controller needs of your business.