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Repost – 5 Ways to Enjoy March Madness…

Gracy’s latest article… By Gracy Olmstead March 15, 2017 We all need opportunities to connect, have fun, and forget politics. There’s no better way than the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.   March is a crazy time of year for an accountant’s family. Associating the month with “madness” seems only natural. My dad would work […]

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Part 2 – Managing a Minimum Wage Rate Increase – Increasing Prices, Sales Volume & Cutting Costs

Part 2 – Managing a Minimum Wage Rate Increase – Increasing Prices, Sales Volume, Cutting Prices, etc. This is the second post in a series of posts relating to dealing with an increase in a minimum wage rate. The first post dealt with estimating the impact that a wage rate increase would have on your […]

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Sharing or Transferring Large Files

Do you need to transfer a large file? Clients often need to send us a big file (ie- QuickBooks backup file) but are limited by file size restrictions for email attachments. Here are some ways that you can send large files for free. Whether it is scanned documents into tif or pdf formats, or a […]

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“No Penalty…” Maybe. Maybe not.

One of our clients was told by his insurance company that there is no penalty for not sending the (Obamacare) letters. He asked what my thoughts were on this. Here is a copy of my response: “Yes, that is what I have heard also. I mentioned in my email that I originally sent you that […]

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FAQ Obamacare Letters due October 1st

We have had a few clients ask about the “Obamacare Letters” that are due October 1, 2013. I am providing you the following information to assist you in determining whether or not you need to comply with this notification requirement. Even if your businesses has fewer than 50 full-time employees and you most likely will […]

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